Grumpy Cat at SXSW 2016

Friskies brings Grumpy Cat to downtown Austin for SXSW Interactive


grumpy cat (1)

#CatConcoctions presented by Friskies


People are standing in a very long line to see a cat. This line brought to you by Friskies, as yet another experiential marketing sensation has hit the scene at SXSW.

As is the tradition, big brands rent out various venues to create spectacles at SXSW. In this case, Friskies rented out  Caffé Medici to create a space that could raise brand awareness using the Internet’s very own “Grumpy Cat.”

Caffé Medici is a popular coffee show on Congress street in the posh part of downtown Austin. It’s a place where people have business meeting and write about their soul-searching world travel.

Grumpy Cat is an adorable cat that wears a naturally grumpy expression.  She is an internet phenomenon. Her real name is Tardar Sauce. She has fans.

The line stretches around the block at times. People who stand in the line will eventually be rewarded with a photo op featuring the Grumpy Cat. However there are only a few hours when this is possible, they don’t want to overtire the poor creature. Eventually they cut the line off.

The group is an assortment of people. It includes some of the typical SXSW Interactive tech crowd, but there are some of the hipster-type locals, as well as families out to experience the free parts of South By on a lovely spring afternoon.

The line that winds around the room is guided by ropes to keep people in place. There are cans of cat food sitting about. They are for decoration. They are not free. A girl makes this mistake. However, there are coupons for free cat food.

grumpy cat (3)

People stood in this very long line

The line stretches on forever. Little Grumpy cat is there, sitting on her throne. She remains there while a line of people parade behind her to pose. It’s kind of like a photobomb, in that Grumpy Cat seems largely unaware of their presence. She also seems to be taking a nap. So at least the event is not overly stressful for her.

By the exit there are pieces of Grumpy Cat memorabilia. There are little glow-in-the-dark buttons that bear a simplified outline of the distinctive grumpy face. There are masks of Grumpy Cat’s face as well.

People love this cat.

grumpy cat (2)

The eyes follow you.

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